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Free Diagnostic Check.

If you see a warning light, come to Joe Machens Capital City Ford.

Our diagnostic machine reads information from the Check Engine, ABS, and maintenance lights. The test often takes less than a minute once the reader is plugged in. Get a free report that will help to diagnose the problem.

Some codes may call for further diagnosis. When that occurs, we will be happy to have one our Ford Certified technicians diagnose the issue. A $100.00 diagnostic fee may apply.

Review your free report.

We’ll give you an easy-to-understand report informed by Fords network of technician-verified solutions. We can print this report or discuss recommended solutions.

Discuss our recommended solutions.

Your report will show recommended solutions and parts for a repair. We’ll help you find the right part or you can use our Ford Certified service department.

Frequently Asked Questions

Q: My check engine light came on. Is it serious? What about other warning lights?

Warning lights can indicate serious issues, but often they are simple reminders for maintenance or helpful alerts for small, fixable issues. Check Engine Light is typically the most serious, especially if it is flashing or blinking, although having an ABS light on could represent an important safety issue. In either case, it’s best to get the light checked right away.

Q: How long does it take to run a diagnostic test?

This is a simple test that involves hooking up to your car’s computer up to a machine that scans it for error codes. It’s very quick and can be completed in a matter of minutes.

Q: What systems are monitored by the car’s computer?

The engine, transmission, exhaust systems, brakes, and cooling system are all monitored by the computer. Though vehicle diagnostic scan tools have been instrumental in isolating vehicle troubles, they are unable to determine the exact cause of a breakdown or the check engine light’s illumination. While the code indicates to the technician which area of the vehicle needs attention or which component has fallen out of the acceptable range for operation, it does not provide details on what is responsible for the failure. That’s when the knowledge and expertise of a technician come in to properly diagnose and repair the problem.

Q: How do I know if I need a diagnostic test?

If your check engine light comes on unless the scan indicates an error with the gas cap, a simple scan of the codes isn’t likely to provide much information as to what the problem may be. In that case, a diagnostic test is necessary. Also, if you notice something while driving that just doesn’t feel right, a technician may recommend a diagnostic to ensure major components are functioning correctly.

Has your check engine light come on? Joe Machens Capital City Ford offers a scan of your on-board computer for diagnostic codes absolutely free! If further diagnostics are required, you can be assured that our Ford Certified expert Technicians can determine the cause of your vehicle’s issue and complete repairs in a timely manner. There’s no need to worry if your vehicle’s check engine light has come on, just bring your vehicle to Joe Machens Capital City Ford.

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