Can I Upgrade My Ford SYNC® to SYNC® 3?

Ford SYNC Display
The latest Ford SYNC® 3 system brings brand new features to your Columbia commute, including Alexa connectivity and navigation options. But if your current vehicle is equipped with the classic Ford SYNC® infotainment system, you may be wondering “Can I upgrade my Ford SYNC® to SYNC® 3?” The short answer is no. SYNC® 3-equipped vehicles come with unique hardware specifications, which are different from the hardware specs found on a SYNC®-equipped model. However, the original SYNC® system is still a state-of-the-art companion for the Fulton roads – and Joe Machens Capital City Ford is here to tell you why! Learn how to Sync My Ride and more, and continue your Ford research with us in Jefferson City.



Ford SYNC® Standout Features

  • Hands-Free Commands: No need to fumble with your phone to unlock your favorite features. Make calls, answer texts, and pull up playlists completely hands-free with your Ford SYNC® voice commands.
  • Ford AppLink®: Ford AppLink® connects your car and your smartphone seamlessly. Using either voice commands or your steering wheel-mounted controls, you can pull up the app of your choice or even say “List Mobile Apps” to run through your options.
  • SYNC® Entertainment: Whether you’re in the mood for your latest playlist or your favorite podcast, the SYNC® Entertainment features bring tons of fun to the Lake of the Ozarks road. You can also pull up the media of your choice through your Bluetooth® connection.
  • SYNC® Media Hub: The built-in USB port offers yet another way to connect you to the media that you want. Connect other electronics through the USB drive or install SYNC® software updates with a flash drive.
  • 911 Assist: If you run into trouble on the road, the 911 Assist feature will connect you with the help that you need. Even if you are unable to make a call to emergency responders, your Ford will dial the number automatically and send your location information immediately.

Sync Your Ride at Joe Machens Capital City Ford!

So, can I upgrade my Ford SYNC® to SYNC® 3? Not currently, but our team would love to assist you with all of your Ford needs. If you need help customizing your Ford SYNC® and learning the ropes, our service center would love to help. And if you want to upgrade your vehicle to SYNC® 3, check out our current Ford inventory! We can help you trade in your car at your convenience, so contact us today to get started.


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